LBCCFA President Hund’s statement to the Board of Trustees from 10/18/16 meeting:

Good evening Board, President Oakley, Faculty, Administration, Staff, Students and Community members.

First, I want to commend the BOT for putting Prop 55 on the agenda for a Board endorsement; LBCCFA has formally endorsed Prop 55.  I have three comments about the Presidential Search Committee, Agenda Item 3.2.

  1. Kindly please point to me the regulations that the BOT is following for this Search Committee.  The 2008 Accreditation Report stated the BOT did not have any regulations or policies for the Presidential Search committee; I can only find Administrative Regulations on Academic Administrative Hiring Policy3003, which differs significantly from the proposed 22 member search committee.  And, I also found Board Policy 2020, which does not provide any details of the process for the Presidential Search.
  2. The 3003 policy and regulations state 4 full time faculty will be on admin hiring committees which consist of 15 members; the proposed 22 member committee has only 3 full time faculty.  This does not seem to be a fair process as stated in Board Policy 2020.  Full time faculty are the most permanent component of this institution, thus why would we not have more members on this committee?
  3. Further, I want to echo the comments from 2006, during the last hiring of a Superintendent-President.  Then CCA President Charlotte Joseph and Academic Senate President David Morse addressed the board with their concerns that the Board’s composition of the search committee did not fairly represent the Long Beach Community College District by employees who have an interest of the college on a day to day basis, rather than those who have a stakeholder’s interest who are from the community or outside of the institution.

On behalf of LBCCFA, I humbly request that the Board increase the number of full time faculty on the search committee by 3 members.


Janét Hund

LBCCFA President