Full Time Faculty LBCCFA Contract

LBCCFA Master Agreement 2017–2020

CCA Master Agreement 2014–2017


Contract negotiations for 2015-2016
District: Article I
CCA: Article XII

CCA Master Agreement 2014–2017 CCA Master Agreement 2014-2017 5/31/2015
MOU Initial Placement 12/14/2014
MOU Cohort Progression 12/14/2014
Tentative Agreement Article VII, VIII, X, XI, VII, XIII Salary comparisonsNew Salary schedule 10/20/2014 Passed
279 votes
250 yes
29 no
Tentative agreement Article VII, VIII, X, XI, XIII LBCCD Salary Proposal 5/14/2014 Failed vote
220 votes
78 yes
142 no
MOU The District will provide $4,500 for purpose of assisting faculty in purchase of regalia to be worn at graduation. 5/14/2014


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