Important LBCCFA Documents

Contract and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

Document Updated
LBCCFA Master Agreement, 2017-20 2017 (01 July)
MOU Language added to Appendix E-7 Regarding 3rd-Yr. Evals. 2018 (13 September)
MOU (one-time, non-precedent setting) on Classroom Observations of Probationary Faculty 2017 (06 October)

Bylaws and Standing Rules

Document Updated
LBCCFA Standing Rules 2017 (10 February)
LBCCFA Bylaws 2016 (17 October)


Document Updated
LBCCFA Seniority List 09.04.18 2018 (04 September)

Recent LBCCFA Resolutions

Document Updated
Resolution to Support UTLA and OEA Contract Campaigns 2018 (14 December)
Resolution in Opposition to Performance-Based Funding Formula for California Community Colleges 2018 (11 May)
Resolution in Opposition to Proposed Online Community College 2018 (11 May)
Resolution in Support of CA Assembly Bill 1887 Prohibiting Travel to States that Discriminate Against the LGBT Community 2018 (09 March)


Document Updated
Sick Leave Donation Form 2018 (May)
Political Action Committee Opt-Out Form 2015 (March)

LBCCFA Organization

Document Updated
2018 – 2019 LBCCFA Organizational Roster 2018 (20 September)

LBCCFA College Day Presentations

Document Updated
2018 College Day FA presentation 2018 (24 August)