LBCCFA Grievance Rights

What kind of grievance services does CCA-LBCC offer?

Conciliation Assistance

When, as sometimes happens, faculty have “differences” with administrators, our trained Grievance officer and the Association President may be asked to lend their communication skills in helping resolve matters swiftly and to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. With a reasoned approach and an earnest desire on both sides to resolve the problem, such issues are often resolved before going to the grievance process.

Grievance Processing

However, when issues are not resolved through conciliation efforts, the Grievance Chair or a grievance committee member will shepherd association members through the contractual grievance process. [CCA-LBCC has negotiated Binding Arbitration into the Contract.]

Although members may manage their own grievances through Level 2, your Association President, Grievance Chairperson and team strongly urge you to use our support for advice, communications and timelines.

  • For a general overview of what a grievance is and does and how the Grievance team will work with aggrieved association members, have a quick look at: Grievance 101.
  • For an in-depth look at the negotiated grievance process with highlights and annotations, see: Article V: Grievance.

Meeting Representation

Another important area association members can count on Grievance team support is when members are called in to meet with an administrator regarding an investigation into allegations that may lead to disciplinary measures against the member. Members should never attend such meetings without CCA representation, and we are available at all times to provide it.

Access to Legal Counsel

Members who believe they require legal counsel may request it through the Association President and at times in conjunction with the Grievance chair.

You can find additional Grievance-related information on the LBCCFA Important Documents page.

Please address any concerns or questions to Frances Outhwaite.