LBCCFA Leadership

Become a leader in your union!

Consider running for the LBCCFA Executive Board or  Representative Council

LBCCFA elects new Executive Board officers every year. Half the Executive Board is elected in the even years and the other half is in the odd years.

The Executive Board meets monthly and at other times as necessary.

The LBCCFA Representative Council is a group that meets monthly and makes decisions on behalf of all full time faculty. Each person the Representative Council is elected by their department. The Representative Council also includes all members of the Executive Board. All meetings are open to all full-time faculty members.

What you can do for your Union?

LBCCFA has the responsibility to appoint LBCCFA representatives to multiple committees on campus. These appointments are made by the LBCCFA President and approved by the Executive Board. Examples of committees include the Bargaining Team (5+ faculty), Sabbatical Committee (2 faculty and 1 chair), College Planning Committee (1 faculty), Budget Advisory (1 faculty), and Curriculum (1 faculty).

As an LBCCFA representative on these committee you represent all faculty. If you are interested in serving please contact any member of the Executive Board or your Department Representative. We always need people who are willing to represent the voice of all faculty.

For a full LBCCFA organizational chart, including leadership positions and committee seats, click here.